Good basketball play. Passing and sharp drives from position guards. Submitted by/Edmonson #shorts 5/5 (1)

For the first time, I received a short clip video from a country other than Japan.
The country is the Philippines.
I heard that basketball is a very famous sport in the Philippines.
When I was a boy, I wanted to live in a house with a goal !The Japanese anime “Slam Dunk” may have been a big influence. In Japan, there is a professional basketball league called the B League. There was also the Tokyo Olympics.
There are more opportunities to watch basketball, and it’s getting more exciting.
It would be nice if there were basketball goals in various places in the city like in other countries.
I hope Japan will become an environment where people can enjoy basketball from their childhood!
This video is like a basketball role model!
That foot step before he goes into his shooting motion is a recent technique!


海外ドラマでも、 家にはたいていバスケットボールのゴールがありますね。
スラムダンクの影響が大きいかもしれませんが… (スラムダンク 完全版 23巻)
バスケにはゲームを組み立てる”ガード”というポジションがあります。 主にパスやドリブルでゲームメイクをしていくので、「八村塁」のような点取り屋ではないんですが、チャンスがあればドライブで切れ込んで シュートします。 まさにこの動画がそのお手本のような動画です!

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