【PUBG】最後はド派手に決めたいよね!ロケットランチャーにこだわった者末路はいかに・・・ 投稿者/タッカム 2021/10/16 5/5 (1)

PUBGとはどんなゲームか ?

What kind of game is PUBG?
It is a game where up to 100 players survive on a deserted island, and the last person (or team) to survive is the winner.
The game starts with a parachute jump from an airplane to a deserted island.
The player does not have any weapons or armor, and has to pick up randomly dropped weapons and armor on the map to collect equipment and fight the enemy.
You can’t respawn like in other FPS games, and once you are killed, you lose the match.
This is a very tough game, where you can lose even if you finish 2nd or 100th.
There are solo, duo, and squad modes, and in duo and squad, if you go down, your allies can wake you up and you can come back up.

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